Become a Handy Software Lab reseller

About the Handy Software Lab Reseller Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Handy Software Lab Reseller. Handy Software Lab Resellers are eligible to receive a discount off the published list price of all our electronically distributed software. To receive the Reseller discount, you must fill out the application form. As soon as your application is approved, you will receive your purchase code that will provide you discount on our products. Once you have made your first purchase (of any our product) you will be eligible to receive a 5% discount off of your Handy Software Lab purchases. The level of your discount is based on the volume of your sales. The more you sell, the more you are rewarded with increased discounts according to the following schedule:  


Reseller Discount Schedule.

Sales in total


Prior to first sale

0 %

After first sale

5 %

Over $1000


Over $3000


Over $7000


Discount rates are calculated after each sale. Handy Software Lab reserves the right to vary this discount schedule from time to time as it sees fit, without notice. The current schedule will always be posted on this page.

Terms And Conditions

Improper Business Practices

Any reseller activities considered by Handy Software Lab as improper are subject to termination of reseller account and legal prosecution to the maximum extent possible under the law.
Improper activities include, but are not limited to:

Why Be A Reseller ?

Indeed, why should you be a Reseller when there is where anyone can order the software instantly?

The general answer is: because any effort you put into developing your reseller business (even if it's only putting a link to Handy Software Lab products) adds value and will be rewarded.

Now, consider

regional sales - we have requests from local resellers from English-speaking countries; think what you can do in Germany, France, China, Russia...
bundling our software with other products you sell sales resulting from your main business (consulting, development, training, etc.) local community sales offline sales - you can collect orders by phone and process them yourself online. Besides these obvious ideas, you can create your very own way of being a successful reseller.

Try It Now

The easiest way to figure out how Reseller Program works is to try it. Why not apply if it's so easy? Did we tell you that joining Reseller Program is free? No investment is necessary to start earning reseller fees!

Apply now, get your Reseller code, and start immediately.

With our generous discount, even a single sale is worth spending 10 minutes on joining the Reseller Program. What's more, a single "accidental" sale is good news, because it is very likely to happen again. From that moment you start thinking about achieving a few more sales, and this is how business grows. Please contact our helpdesk, choose "Software reseller" category and tell us about you: Company name, Primary activities, Address, City, Country, Website URL and products you want to resell. Click here to contact us.