HSLAB Logger

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"All under the control!"™

HSLAB Security Tracker Network Edition

A complete solution for the background control and logging of single or multiple users activity.

This software allows you to record the actions of the user(s) of a computer(s), including opening applications and documents, access to the Internet and using removable media.
Using this software allows you to receive information about a user's actions and to take measures for prevention of non-authorized use of applications and the computer system as a whole. You can restrict access to programs and documents (using file name or keyword) or to CD/DVD/Zip and other removable media.
A powerful and flexible program that gives you strict control over the use of computer systems in your business and for parental control over your children's actions.
The program is NOT a key logger and does not write any keystrokes! This is a principle position. The program is NOT spyware or spy software as well. This program can be used as parental control, anti spyware, internet monitoring, internet filtering, filtering software, computer monitoring, porn filter, internet safety, internet filtering software, monitoring software, internet monitor, content filter, web filtering, security audit, porn blocker, anti porn, internet protection, internet blocking, internet content filter, web filtering software, system protection, parental software, internet child protection and porn blocking software.
The information collected by the program is more than enough for the control over use of a computer without recording of the user's passwords.

HSLAB Logger works invisible to the user(s) and monitors programs running on the system. The control is based on the analysis of text in the captions of active windows. This text can be checked for the presence of given keywords and, by results of the analysis, the defined operation can be executed.
If you do not want your children visiting Internet sites with adult content, you should set the restriction on keywords such as "sex", "xxx", "adult" and so on. As an action you could execute a browser termination or system shutdown. In addition the software will log the event so you will be aware of it. If there are certain programs you do not want used while you are absent, simply add the name(s) of the executable files in the "Restrict Access to Programs" list and these programs cannot be started.

You can also restrict access to the removable media drives of your computer. Mark the drives to which access needs to be restricted in the "Restrict Access to Removable Drives" list, and the devices will eject all disks so they cannot be used without your permission.

15 Day Free Evaluation

You may evaluate Logger for a period of up to 15 days before you buy it. We do this to allow customers to ensure that the software suits specific needs. Also we offer you the extended evaluation for this product. It includes prolongation of the trial period and access to additional features which are absent in the base trial version.

Software Features and Options

Using this software you can:

At access to removable drives you can set the following actions:

At access to programs you can set the following actions:

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Software System Requirements

Operation system: Microsoft® Windows™ 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008. Local area network (or dial up connection) to Internet and TCP/IP is required, for automatic software updates.
Operative memory: Corresponds to the requirements for Microsoft® Windows™ systems.
Disk space: 2 Mbytes for the program and minimum of 3 Mbytes for installation.
Screen resolution: 640 x 480 (with any color depth), 1024 x 768 x 16-bit color recommended.


Software Ordering and Pricing

Important! Unregistered version can be used during 15 days after installation (although it doesn't expire, actually) and has some limitations. You can order the fully licensed version of this software over the Internet with any major credit card, by fax, by check/money order or with back/wire transfer. European customers are also charged VAT. The prices listed above are valid for orders placed in Euro only. On payment approval (for online orders, usually within a few hours), we'll send you the registration key which will remove all limitations of the unregistered version.

Buy Now! Personal License;
Family License;
Business License.

With Personal License, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment. To use the program in a corporate, government or business environment, you should purchase a Business License.
Quantity of copies of the program which you can use simultaneously equally to quantity of the got licenses. Exception is Site Licence which does not limit quantity of copies of the program within the one domain. See our Licence Policy for details.

You can update the version of the program in any time. The upgrade of the version can be free of charge or paid depending on a difference of versions (your current and version to update the program) and type of your license.

Note: If you've made a payment, but haven't got a confirmation letter with your serial number (registration code) within a reasonable amount of time (two business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us about that! We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by those delays.

Software Download

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