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Faster XP/2003/Vista Boot and Application Launch with Prefetch Manager!

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Windows XP has a Prefetcher component, which shortens the amount of time it takes to start Windows and programs. When trouble shooting either Windows or program start-up issues, it might be helpful to disable the prefetcher using HSLAB Prefetch Manager, because it runs as a background service while other applications are running or loading.

When a Windows XP system is booted, data is saved about all logical disk read operations. On later boots, this information is used to prefetch these files in parallel with other boot operations. During boot and application launch, a Windows system demands and pages a sizable amount of data in small chunks (4 KB to 64 KB), seeking between files, directories, and metadata. The Logical Prefetcher, which is new for Windows XP, brings much of this data into the system cache with efficient asynchronous disk I/Os that minimize seeks. During boot, the Logical Prefetcher finishes most of the disk I/Os that need to be done for starting the system in parallel to device initialization delays, providing faster boot and logon performance.
Logical prefetching is accomplished by tracing frequently accessed pages in supported scenarios and efficiently bringing them into memory when the scenario is launched again. When a supported scenario is started, the transition page faults from mapped files are traced, recording which page of a file is accessed. When the scenario has completed (either the machine has booted or the application started), the trace is picked up by a user-mode maintenance service, the Task Scheduler. The information in the trace is used to update or create a prefetch-instructions file that specifies which pages from which files should be prefetched at the next launch.

You can completely manage Prefetcher with HSLAB Prefetch Manager!

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You may evaluate Logger for a period of up to 15 days before you buy it. We do this to allow customers to ensure that the software suits specific needs. Also we offer you the extended evaluation for this product. It includes prolongation of the trial period and access to additional features which are absent in the base trial version.

Software Features and Options

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Software System Requirements

Operation system: Microsoft® Windows™ XP/2003/Vista and are higher. Local area network (or dial up connection) to Internet and TCP/IP is required, for automatic software updates.
Operative memory: Corresponds to the requirements for Microsoft® Windows™ systems.
Disk space: 2 Mbytes for the program and minimum of 3 Mbytes for installation.
Screen resolution 640 x 480 (with any color depth), 1024 x 768 x 16-bit color recommended.

Software Ordering and Pricing

Important! Unregistered version can be used during 15 days after installation (although it doesn't expire, actually) and has some limitations. You can order the fully licensed version of this software over the Internet with any major credit card, by fax, by check/money order or with back/wire transfer. European customers are also charged VAT. The prices listed above are valid for orders placed in Euro only. On payment approval (for online orders, usually within a few hours), we'll send you the registration key which will remove all limitations of the unregistered version.

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You can update the version of the program in any time. The upgrade of the version can be free of charge or paid depending on a difference of versions (your current and version to update the program) and type of your license.

Note: If you've made a payment, but haven't got a confirmation letter with your serial number (registration code) within a reasonable amount of time (two business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us about that! We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by those delays.

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