All of our programs have been fully tested prior to publishing, but if you find a bug, please inform us. We are appreciatively open to suggestions for program-functionality and user-interface improvements. If you have any such suggestions, we'd like to hear them.

About Support
Before you contact us, be sure to address the following: Look over what you are doing again and be sure you didn't miss a step or are doing something wrong. We can all be a bit inattentive at times. If that doesn't work, take a look at our help file and FAQ , it may already contain the answer to your question. Many people have "How To" questions, which can be already found there.

Software updates and technical support are provided for one year with the purchase of a software license and registration key. After that, updates and technical support may be renewed annually. You may renew before or after the expiration of your previous coverage. Regardless of when the renewal fee is paid, the coverage is extended for a year from the end of the previous year of coverage.

Contact our support service
If you don't find your answer there, visit our Updates page. You will find the latest version of our product there. If a serious bug has been found in our program and the new version is not ready yet, we will be happy to do a "hot fix" for it. If you still have a problem, contact technical support.

Because of huge quantity of a spam and an anti-spam filters cases loss of our messages have become frequent. Therefore we are compelled for contacts to our users using helpdesk system.

When Contacting Technical Support
In order to serve you properly, please have the following information available when you contact our support team.


  • Name, Company, Contact information.
  • Product serial number or your order number to verify support eligibility.
  • Product name, version and subversion.
  • Operating system, Network system.
  • A detailed description of the problem. You should be able to help us reproduce the
    problem if necessary.

You found a bug? You want to suggest a new feature? Use the new Bug Tracking System to inform us and to evaluate progress of work on your issue. After submitting a bug/suggestion you'll receive an ID number with which you can control status of your request at any time.

We recommend to use "Check for updates" option in programs and in Windows Start menu under Programs->Handy Software Lab.





Also we offer you a set of articles and links about resolving of the various problems in using the Microsoft Windows. The majority of the problems, described here are successfully solved by our products.

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